View Full Version : Looking for Astia and Velvia in 8x10

Timothy Dunford
23-Jul-2004, 12:31
Has anyone heard of a source for Astia 100F and Velvia 100F in 8x10. I'd love to shoot an upcoming architectural project using these films cut down to 5x7. The 110XL on 5x7 is a geat view (center filter required, though.)

chris jordan
23-Jul-2004, 12:52
Timothy, I've looked all over the country for Astia 100F in 8x10, and no one carries it. You have to special order it, and then the place you order it from will special order it from Fuji. It's an incredible film though-- I've tested a few rolls in 35mm. I need to order some also, so if you want to go in with me and order 10 boxes or so, maybe we can get a discount. I think Samy's has the best price but that would be worth double checking. Let me know off-list.




Doug Dolde
23-Jul-2004, 18:55
Unique Photo http://www.uniquephoto.com carries 8x10 Astia 100F, Velvia 100F, and Provia 100F. I've bought 4x5 QL's from them with great service and prices.