View Full Version : Gandolfi Variant 4x5 Size Question

19-Aug-2013, 16:27
I've been looking at the specs on the Gandolfi 4x5 Variant Level 1 and I can't really believe what I've seen. It is listed in some places as being around 10x10 inches 250x250mm and almost 6 inches thick. Does that seem correct?
Makes me wonder if its really a 5x7 camera with a 4x5 back on it.
Can someone who actually has one or has handled one tell me if it's really that big? I know its heavy due to the material from which its made, but what about the size.
Any help is most appreciated.

20-Aug-2013, 02:04
Gandolfi Variant cameras are famous of their flexibility and movements not of compactness... If you're looking for a compact 4x5, perhaps modern Chinese (Shen Hao and Chamonix) provide the widest movements, comparable to Variant L1, at a fraction of it's size (and price).

20-Aug-2013, 05:35
They are indeed larger than most, if not all, other 4x5 folding field cameras. I owned a Variant level III many moons ago (bought new when they were just on the market). Your analogy of a 5x7 camera with a 4x5 back is about right; I believe there was a 5x7 version at one time which used most of the underpinnings of the 4x5. I found mine to be a very sturdy camera, perhaps slightly fiddly to operate compared to some but stable even with long lenses in windy conditions.

20-Aug-2013, 07:41
I wasn't looking for exactly a compact lightweight camera but I was slightly taken back by the apparent large size of the Gandolfi. Chamonix doesn't float my boat. I have now noticed that the Variant does seem to be about the same size as the Walker Titan XL 5x7.
Thank you for the input.