View Full Version : Dektal mixed with Illford multigrade paper developer

18-Aug-2013, 17:00
Ive ben working with Dektal,and have some Illford multigrade laying around.I like the contrastyness of my prints in Dektal,was wondering if adding illrod multigrade would help with details in the higher zones (tones) has anyone tried this.

18-Aug-2013, 17:06

Maris Rusis
18-Aug-2013, 17:23
Detail in the "higher zones" is largely unrelated to developer composition. Paper development is in practice extended to completion and different developers may take different times to get there but get there they must. Higher zone appearance is determined by exposure and by selection of the appropriate multigrade filter.

bob carnie
19-Aug-2013, 05:59
I do it all the time, with no problem.