View Full Version : Online sources for film

Matthew Lea
22-Jul-2004, 13:20
Looking for some online sources for 11x14 film.


John Kasaian
22-Jul-2004, 13:44
Photowarehouse, J and C, and possibly Freestyle should get you started!

22-Jul-2004, 20:16
Bostick & Sullivan

Pete Caluori
22-Jul-2004, 21:07
Yes all of the above and if you want HP5+ the View Camera Store stocks it as does B&H in NYC. Badger Graphics may have some as well.

Regards, Pete

David R Munson
22-Jul-2004, 21:36
My default source for everything is still B&H. Cheap, speedy service, etc. They don't always have what I'm looking for, but usually do.

David Van Gosen
25-Jul-2004, 21:57
Photo-warehouse.com carries house-brand (Ilford?) B&W in 11x14. Cheap prices, too. I've heard that they give good service. Just placed my first order, so I can't say for sure.

26-Jul-2004, 19:16
There's always MrFOTO on ebay for bulk roll films

John Kasaian
26-Jul-2004, 19:31
Lam, As far as I know, MrPhoto handles films in 9-1/2" & 5" widths. Too small for cutting down( up?) to 11x14. If I were shooting 8x20 I'd sure give it a try though!

tim atherton
26-Jul-2004, 19:36
"There's always MrFOTO on ebay for bulk roll films"

Yeah - right - I ordered some of the Plus-X, paid extra for it to be cut to 8x10 and paid $40.00 for courier because he wouldn't ship via USPS to Canada - what a waste of time.

First it took 7 weeks for the film to get to me (emails answered only after several tries with a litany of stories about changing labs and three cutters not working and goodness knows what else). Then,, when it got here only about 20% of the 150 or so sheets was cut to the right size - most of it was cut too narrow for 8x10 holders. After a lot of back and forth about returns, it took another 3 weeks+ and various threats about ebay negative feedback/paypal etc (and a week after he recieved the return despite promises of " a refund as soon as he received the return") before he finally gave a refund.

It took 10 weeks to get satisfaction - IMO - Buyer should very much beware