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Jim Noel
22-Jul-2004, 12:13
Not a question, but an answer to a question which I am unable to locatre again.

The best place to buy tubing for a Packard shutter is an auto parts house. They all carry a variety of sizes of vacuum hose which is black and very strong walled. Also the price is far less than what you might find in a photo supply house. Jim

Ernest Purdum
22-Jul-2004, 17:35
I have been using automotive fuel hose but it is a little heavier and stiffer than I woold like. I am going to try to identify a more flexible type. Page 97 of the McMaster-Carr online catalog shows some that I think may be better suited.

The use isn't limited to Packard and ancientshutters. It's nice to be able to hold a reflector or something while setting off a modern shutter. You can do this with a bulb, tube and a deGroff piston which is obtainable from major photo supply houses.

Michael Jones
23-Jul-2004, 06:33
While I agree those are good sources for parts, the "original" source has all the parts and accessories for Packard shutters:


Good luck.


Peter Galea
23-Jul-2004, 07:50
I use surgical tubing on my Packard. It is very pliable and comes in cool colors. Find it at a medical supply store.

23-Jul-2004, 12:12
Without doubt, the classiest tubing would be the silk-braid covered natural rubber that was once used for things like dentist's instruments. The closest modern equivalent seems to be the McMaster-Carr 5394K13 and related numbers. It is nylon instead of silk, and nitrile rubber instead of natural (and slightly stiffer than would be ideal) but it is kink-resistant and because of the nylon braid it is "slinky" and doesn't catch or drag on things easily.