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Matthew Lea
21-Jul-2004, 16:11
For 11x14, what is the lens equivalent for 35mm lenses? Another way to ask it is, what is the factor by which a 35mm lens should be multipled to arrive at the equivalent 11x14 lens?


tim atherton
21-Jul-2004, 16:21

you can just download it and enter your own figures - gives you a fairly close answer

ronald moravec
21-Jul-2004, 18:49
They do not factor exactly as the proportion are different. Using a 24x30 neg factored up to 4x5 is four. 50mm = 200mm

using 24x36, now its confusing cause your comparing to about 3 1/2x 5. The factor is 5" or 125mm divided by 36mm or about 3.5. Recheck with your calculater.

John Kasaian
22-Jul-2004, 08:22

Theres a lot of info & tables & cetera on the subject. I think there is one published in Steve Simmon's excellent book "Using the View Camera."

As a practical matter, I find that for me charts & formulas aren't all that useful (at least in 8x10) What I see on the gg is what I get on film and what I see dosen't look anything like what I've experienced with 35 or MF. Maybe its the size of the aerial image that throws me off, but "equivalent" focal lengths in LF always seem to me wider than an equivalent in 35 or MF----substantially wider. As a result I don't worry about it anymore---its usually easier to just move the tripod farther or closer to the subject to frame the shot in the manner that I find desireable. YMMV.

Jim Galli
22-Jul-2004, 14:05
11X14 and 5X7 are the 2 easiest for me. If I had a 1.1 X 1.4" piece of film I would be VERY close to 35mm size (1X1.5"). So just multiply your favorite 35mm size by 10. Cut it in half for 5X7. So a 270mm G-Claron is very similar to what you would see in 35mm with a 28mm lens. Hope that helps.