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Robert Musgjerd
21-Jul-2004, 12:52
just recieved a new 11x14 tec field and it was well worth the wait.it is really nice fit and finish nice. functions very smooth, great service, Ron even called me at home to make shure everything was ok

Chad Jarvis
21-Jul-2004, 12:58
Great service from Ron Wisner? That's a first. Here's hoping he's turned that aspect of his business around.

Kevin Crisp
21-Jul-2004, 13:36
Seems to me there have been many people positively reporting on their experiences with Ron Wisner over the years. This is hardly "a first." I own nothing made by Wisner, I just think, in general, the rising level of snippy, petulant attacks on this forum is getting irritating.

Richard Fenner
21-Jul-2004, 13:45
There's nothing particularly snippy or petulant about those comments - they're people's experience, even if yours is different.

Last week I telephoned Ron about an adapter panel - he assured me he had it in stock. I immediately emailed my details and asked for the postage cost: he said he'd have to print off the email and give it to his secretary to reply (what, she doesn't have a computer?). Monday I telephoned again, and he said he's had lots of emails to deal with and hasn't gotten around to it yet. Meanwhile, I call several firms, all of whom thought the item is unusual and he's probably putting me off while he gets around to making one, if he's even gotten that far. This was after the usual jokes about how long it takes Ron to do anything.

Sure, it's only an adapter panel. But I'm also after a lightweight 11x14 - guess who I've taken off the list as simply not being responsive enough?

Kevin Crisp
21-Jul-2004, 14:04
If "Great service from Ron Wisner? That's a first" is not snippy and/or petulant...well I just give up. Have at it folks.

Chad Jarvis
21-Jul-2004, 15:53
Indeed...it was solely based on my experience. Your mileage may vary, and like I said, here's hoping (sincerely) that aspect of his business has changed. I think he makes good stuff, but his reputation for service (or lack thereof) precedes him.

From now on no one on this forum is allowed to have an opinion. That's my opinion. ; )

enrico scotece
21-Jul-2004, 17:30
c'mon, fair go...

Robert Skeoch
22-Jul-2004, 13:59
I'm glad you got the camera. It looks like a ton of fun. If you're ever in the Toronto area and need some help shooting or lugging the gear in the field, let me know. -Rob

Michael Kadillak
24-Jul-2004, 19:51
If you ever get concerned (like I did with my Wisner 11x14 Tech Field) about the back working its way out of the pin holders and your ground glass back unintentionally falling off of the camera, you may want to consider a modification a Salt Lake machinist named Gary Hurst is doing to improve on this situation. I can forward photos if you are interested.

Cheers and have a great time with your camera!

Robert Musgjerd
25-Jul-2004, 17:14
Thanks I was thinking about that today . I would love to see the photos of the back modification thanks Michael

Michael Kadillak
25-Jul-2004, 22:33
Robert. Tried to e-mail you the photos of the Wisner modification and the e-mail returned to me as undeliverable. E-mail me directly if you are still interested.

Robert Musgjerd
26-Jul-2004, 08:33
Michael. Tried to get your e-mail address off the forum but couldn't . try my e-mail again romus93@aol.com How much bellows draw does your 11x14 have ? Thanks again

Robert Musgjerd
26-Jul-2004, 20:21
Thanks Michael