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15-Aug-2013, 23:42
I have a problem that I thought was me at first but now I am thinking it is something wrong with Ilford film. I shoot HP5 across all formats, and recently in the last few rolls of 120 I have gotten wavy lines that run across the non emulsion side of the film. At first I thought it might have been the camera that I was using, but then I developed another roll that I had put through a different camera. The lines looked the same. Then I thought it might have been from me squeegeeing the film so I stopped doing it and the lines were still there. So I figured it was something with the medium format film I had. But then I just developed 2 sheets of 4x5 HP5 and the same lines were there. The lines ran straight across the whole sheet on the non emulsion side. With my sheet film nothing touched the film at all except for liquid and its time in the film holder. I didn't squeegee the film nor did I touch it with anything and the lines are almost the same. I have attached three photos that you can see the lines in on a sheet of film as well as from a roll of 120. Has anyone ever seen anything like this and what could be causing it? For the record both films were stand developed in Rodinal for 1 hour with minimal inversions at the beginning and 2 inversions at the half way point. Dilution was 1:100.




16-Aug-2013, 00:47
The base side of 120 film would be protected by the backing paper, so the camera couldn't be the cause.

16-Aug-2013, 00:49
I don't know what is causing them, but I'm also seeing them on fp4, hp5 5x4 sheet film. They don't appear to show up when I scan them though.


Dave Grenet
16-Aug-2013, 00:51
I'd email Ilford and quote batch numbers.

Are they all from the same batch? Maybe sacrifice a sheet of 4x5 and see if the scratches are present right out of the box?

Steve Goldstein
16-Aug-2013, 04:12
You can contact Simon from Ilford over on APUG, user name "Simon R Galley". He's quite responsive.

18-Aug-2013, 05:13
Same problem with Delta 100 4x5 ! (fresh)
510-Pyro or Obsidian Aqua
Water stop bath
Ilford Hypam 1+4

However, the print are OK...