View Full Version : Toyo VX 125 Extensions

AJ Edmondson
15-Aug-2013, 17:02
For the last few weeks I have been considering the acquisition of a Toyo VX 125 and, after contacting both KEH and B&H I am puzzled. B&H has two (used) - one black and one green; KEH has one - black. The sales representatives in all three cases indicated that the camera don't have the 30mm extensions. Are these so easily lost or am I simply dealing with reps who don't know what to look for. Of late I have pretty much given up on KEH as a source because - even when they have no photographs, you cannot get any sort of description (beyond the generic nomenclature) despite being high (relatively speaking) priced equipment. Their attitude seems to be "you can return it if it isn't satisfactory" but given shipping costs (and I am only about sixty-five miles from them), I find it a bit expensive to audition their equipment.


16-Aug-2013, 07:23
The 30mm extensions are screwed on to give the full 300mm bellows extension. You have to remove them to put the camera into the fitted case. There is a spot in the case for them. So if they don't have the fitted case and they didn't keep them screwed on they could have lost them.