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15-Aug-2013, 08:28
Please can anyone help me with this enquiry? At the beginning of Michael Ondaatje's novel "The Collected Works Of Billy The Kid", he writes
"I send you a picture of Billy made with a Perry shutter....." Do you know the date that such a shutter existed, I can find no reference to it's name specifically. Could it have existed in 1875?
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John Kasaian
15-Aug-2013, 09:01
There are Billy The Kid museums in Hico, TX and Ft Sumner, NM. Perhaps one of them knows the answer?

15-Aug-2013, 11:24
If it's a novel, the author might have just made up a name to sound interesting. Shutters weren't needed in the 1870s, and were uncommon. Here's a history:

19-Aug-2013, 13:43
Thanks for your helpful responses. Much appreciated

John Kasaian
19-Aug-2013, 13:53
Here's a video on Perry & Doof :D