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don mishler
14-Aug-2013, 15:46
I recently bought a Ansco 8X10 and I am very excited about it. However several other major expenses happening right now so it looks like it might be awhile before I can buy any film. While playing around with it this evening I came to the realization that the seven film holders that came with the camera are loaded with plus-x film. now I think it has been 15 - 20 years since this camera has been used so I am wondering if anyone has any developing adjustments for film that old?

Daniel Stone
14-Aug-2013, 16:57
add a stop in exposure(I'd actually rate it at 40, so that's more like 1.5 stops), and extend "normal" dev time + 25% according to the massive dev's chart timing for your developer to be used.

that should tell you something in the ballpark.
•If your shadows are "thin"(underexposed) you'll need more exposure(that's if you metered to expose them correctly, and assuming your meter/lens are both working within spec).
•If your top-tier highlights are blown(overexposed, grossly), then you've developed too long. So reduce developing time according to what you feel would be necessary.

Not sure exactly when PX in 8x10 was disc'd, but I still have a box or two in the deep freeze, early 90's I think. Great stuff!


don mishler
14-Aug-2013, 18:02
thanks Daniel

that will certainly give me a place to start...........always loved PX in 4x5 and 5x7 sure wish they were still making it

Daniel Stone
14-Aug-2013, 18:09
it comes up on ebay occasionally.

ummm... I didn't say that ;)... now I'll have more competition :D

15-Aug-2013, 02:52
From my past experiences using really expired film works very well with DK-50 stock solution. On new film this would yield too much contrast, but on expired film with lots of fogging it seems to solve a few problems (grain is not one of them).

Found in my notes that a couple months back I used some Plus-X expired in 1973, I rated at EI 25 and developed in DK-50, 20C, 9 minutes (hangers, 1st minute agitation then 5 seconds every minute). Good luck!

sun of sand
25-Aug-2013, 19:53
EI10 add 5-10ml anti-fog or 3ml kbr or a combination for best results
develop about 1/3 longer
kbr seems to better fix more serious emulsion issues