View Full Version : Models of cameras that would have used Dry Plate size 3.25 x 5.5 inch?

13-Aug-2013, 19:00
I have some old Kodak Dry Plates which are still sealed. From early 1900's I'm sure. Can someone tell me which specific camera models would have used these size plates?

Thank you in advance.


Oren Grad
13-Aug-2013, 19:13
3.25x5.5 is "postcard" size. I have a postcard Speed Graphic, which I imagine was used mostly with film rather than plates. But there must have also been some earlier cameras that used the format - I have buried away somewhere a handful of postcard-size plate holders that don't quite fit the Speed.

Vincent Pidone
13-Aug-2013, 20:11
Oren, would you be willing to part with one of those holders if it fits my Kodak 3a?

So the Kodak 3a and the Graflex 3a were both postcard size. Both took roll film, but the Kodak could take plate holders with an optional back.

I have the camera and the back, but no plate holder, yet.