View Full Version : Where to buy lenses?

Matthew Lea
20-Jul-2004, 16:21
Would like to know sources other than ebay to buy lenses. Particularly for a 11x14.

Thanks, Matt

Robert Musgjerd
20-Jul-2004, 16:47
Call Jim at midwest photo exchange good people there

michael Allen
20-Jul-2004, 16:52
Jeff at www.badgergraphics.com, great customer service and the lowest prices around. They have a large selection of new lenses and realy know there stuff.

Steve McKinney
20-Jul-2004, 17:14
KEH in Atlanta. keh.com

David Vickery
20-Jul-2004, 17:17
Quality Camera in Atlanta is another good source. They have a website somewhere, I think its www.qualitycamera.com

Ron Bose
20-Jul-2004, 20:27
In Canada:


jonathan smith
21-Jul-2004, 03:01
I've gotten some from Robert White in England; service, prices and selection are excellent. Dealt with them on the web www.robertwhite.com I think.

David A. Goldfarb
21-Jul-2004, 06:47
Photo Gizzmo in New York--great selection of classic lenses at fair prices, but not a very informative website. Look them up at www.photogizzmo.com and call Louis Shu or visit.

Lens and Repro in New York--great selection of classic lenses with prices on the high side. Website tends not to be up to date, but they always have lots of interesting stuff and are worth a visit or an email--www.lensandrepro.com.

Brian Ellis
21-Jul-2004, 07:11
In addition to those others have mentioned, KenMar Camera (www.kenmarcamera.com I think it is). Also a guy named Igor, sorry I don't have his web site handy but you should be able to find it through Google if no one else posts it. I bought a lens recently from him. His prices were on the low side, he had a nice selection especially of older lenses, and the lens was just as described. He goes to many of the camera shows, perhaps others have had experience with him and could comment.

John Sarsgard
21-Jul-2004, 09:47
I believe from experience that Badger has the lowest prices in the world on new large format lenses. I would check with them for new prices before buying used somewhere else. Service is superb, shipment almost instantaneous.

John Kasaian
21-Jul-2004, 16:47
Add Equinox Photographic and Igor's to the list---Cheers!

21-Jul-2004, 20:47
I will repeat the suggestion to call Jom at Midwest (www.mpex.com) and Jeff at Badger Graphic (www.badgergraphic.com). I have purchased lenses, cameras, and the normal extras from both of them. I only have good things to say about their service.