View Full Version : best way to mount a #3 shutter on a wista technical field camera?

12-Aug-2013, 18:39
in my travels, i have been collecting lenses for my 4x5 wista field camera. i just purchased a schneider tele-xenar 360mm f5.5 in a #3 shutter. i chose this lens specifically because it is small and light weight for this aperture class and focuses close enough that i won't need an extension bed for the camera. i also purchased a standard #3 lens board. unfortunately, the shutter is too big to fit between the front standard of the camera. it just won't work that way. i really want to be able to use this lens on my camera so i am trying to figure out a new strategy for mounting it.

two options that have come to mind so far:

option #1: take a wista/technika 20mm recessed lens board and turn it inside out so it becomes an extension board, cut a 65mm hole in the board so the shutter fits through. the problem with this is that i don't know if i can mount a recessed board backwards on the wista? also i don't know if the inside dimension of the recessed hole is big enough to allow the #3 mounting ring through?

option #2: buy a set of extension tube/rings off ebay with the #3 hole already cut in. i don't know about the quality of this option? i hate to buy cheap chinese junk that (may) fall apart and break after a use or two. has anyone used these with good results? if i go this route, does anyone know how many mm in extension i will need to make the lens clear the front standard and also enable the camera to fully utilize the front movements?

slightly tangent to this subject, one of my other lenses is a schneider xenar 270mm f5.5 in a #2 shutter. yes, its an oddball, but it is also really compact and light for the focal length/aperture. this shutter doesn't really fit very well on the wista either. i have to mount it diagonally so there is room for the shutter cocking lever to operate. unfortunately, this puts the remote cable release port in a position where i can't screw in a cable and am only able to actuate the shutter by hand. i know i won't be able to find an extension tube set with a #2 hole but i could always get a #0 and cut it out bigger. perhaps the tube set would kill two birds with one stone?

option #3: ???? anyone have any better ideas?

thank you for taking the time to read this.

p.s: on a completely unrelated note, does anyone know why it is that i have made perhaps 40 posts so far on this forum and my post count only shows 3?

12-Aug-2013, 19:01
You can buy or make spacer rings so the shutter protrudes further out from the lens board.
There are spacer rings readily available for Copal 3 shutters.

But search the forum for spacer rings, I believe one member reported success using thick plumbing gasket material.

For your #2 shutter, you can try a curved cable release adapter, it may make the shutter easier to use.

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13-Aug-2013, 01:13
I found a #3 'top hat' lens board for my 300mm f/5.6 lens - that pushes the shutter our by a centimetre or so, and that works well (on a wooden Wista Field camera).


13-Aug-2013, 01:16
that is, the linhof/wista etc equivalent of http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sinar-Horseman-25mm-top-hat-lensboard-copal-3-/231019119857?pt=UK_Photography_Lens_Boards&hash=item35c9d004f1 this sort of thing...


13-Aug-2013, 11:27
thank you gentlemen for the responses. i will take a look at the bath tub gasket and see if i can make that work. i think the way the wista is designed, i would need at least two gaskets or more to clear the front standard and allow from some tilt movement. i don't know if there is enough threads on the back of the shutter to allow for this but certainly worth a try. as far as ebay is concerned, these are the two auctions i have been looking at:


or by the same seller:


and this one.


if i end up getting something like this, i will probably go with the first one and the 15mm extension. that way if i decide down the road i want to do macro, i can just buy the 20 or 30mm extension tubes from him and i know they will fit what i already have.

i guess my question is has anyone tried parts from this guy? they look like black anodized aluminum. i just want to make sure i am not buying cheap junk that will fall apart after a use or two.