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Gary Ritson
20-Jul-2004, 12:00
I'm a complete novice to LF photography and would like to begin.I am about to receive a Super Speed Graphic. What wide angled lenses can I use with it for landscapes and must I change the lens board too? Also does anyone have any info on Fujifilm Quickload holders and film? Do they fit into a Super Speed Graphic or do I have to buy something to make them work on this camera? Also, Is it possible to use the Cokin filter sets with these older cameras? Any answers would be greatly appreciated? Thanks


Nick Morris
20-Jul-2004, 12:48
Hello, First let me say that I think the Super -Super Speed - Graphic is a super camera. Not as fancy as some, But I think you generally get a lot of usable camera for the money. I use a 100mm Wide Field Ektar. I think you can use a 65mm Scheinder on the Super Graphic. Many people seem to like 90 to 120mm lens for wide angle use. You want to make sure that the lens you get is designed to cover the 4x5 format. Some lenses do not. The camera has a drop bed, which allows you to lower the front bed of the camera when using wide angle lenses. Otherwise, the front part of the bed will show up in the picture. You will need to drop the bed for most lenses 100mm or less. It is not inconceivable to use one lensboard for different lens, but different lenses may require different sized openings to fit the board. Lensboards are available from Midwest Photo Exchange. You should consider getting a basic primer on large format camera use. Steve Simmons of View Camera magazine and Jim Stone have written good introductory texts. I don't use quickloads or Fugi film so I can't comment on them. Best of luck, large format is fun.

tim atherton
20-Jul-2004, 14:37
Yep - the Super Graphic is a very nice camera. I've had no problems using a Nikkor SW 90mm f 8 on it (also ahve a workign cam fot hat and use it o=in rangefinder mode every now and then)

There is a nice little piece on the Super Graphic here - it has more movements and options than you might realise at first.


and at graflex.org


Lensboards - yep - one for each lens works out best. There are a variety of Graphic boards. For the Super Graphic (as long as you aren't trying to use the built in electronic shutter release) you just need to make sure you get the correct sort with the dimples oriented the right way (they aren't quite square). Also - depending the shutter your lens has- it needs the right sized hole. www.mpex.com is porbably the best source for the right boards.

21-Jul-2004, 08:29
Tim gave you a link to the Super Speed page at graflex.org. You might also look through the forums at that site - there are a lot of helpful people there, and some of the questions may anticipate some of yours.

One word of caution. If the camera comes with the original shutter - it twists to cock, I'd avoid using the 1/1000 sec. speed. The shutter is made with a few nylon parts, and after 35-40 years, those parts are badly worn on most. I don't believe anyone repairs them anymore since Fred Lustig had a stroke more than a year ago. The other shutter speeds seem to work fine - at least they do on mine.