View Full Version : Lightening The Load - which lenses to sell ?

Ron Bose
20-Jul-2004, 11:54
Over the years I've accumulated a bunch of great glass and now find that I use four lenses the most.

They whole inventory includes:

75mm f4.5 Grandagon-N

90mm f4.5 Grandagon-N

110mm f5.6 Super Symmar XL

150mm f5.6 Sironar-N

210mm f5.6 Sironar-S

305mm f9 G-Claron

450 f12 Fujinon-C

The 450 gets used for 8x10 and the 110, 210 and 305 are also 8x10 able. I also get a kick out of using the 75 (when I remember to bring the bag bellows !!).

So, the question: does it make sense to sell the 90 and the 150 considering the other focal lengths I own ?? I shoot external architecture and a little landscape.

Sorry for the 'which lens question' ...

Thanks ....

Edward (Halifax,NS)
20-Jul-2004, 12:39
Unless you have to pay rent with the proceeds, keep them all. You can try leaving the 150 and 90 at home for a while and see how that works out. If I had your arsenal the 150mm would be my most used lens.

Terence McDonagh
20-Jul-2004, 13:19
Send them to me for evaluation and I'll get back to you REAL soon.

Jim Galli
20-Jul-2004, 13:36
Yep. Keep them all. Plus keep your eyes out for a 240mm and 270mm G-Claron.

Armin Seeholzer
20-Jul-2004, 14:00
Yes keep them all and buy also a 600 APO Ronar or APO Nikkor 610 mm for your 8x10! I would only sell the 150mm if any, but only if I need money! Good light!

Thilo Schmid
20-Jul-2004, 14:22
I would keep them, too. Look at current lens prices. It is currently a buyers market.

Frank Petronio
20-Jul-2004, 14:27
I'd love to buy that 90/4.5 off you Ron - if you get close, email me first!

FWIW, I'm using a 90/6.8 Sinaron, 180/5.6 Sinaron S, and 300/5.6 Sinaron S. Yep, I know they're the same as Caltars but I like precision and order (and I got a helluava deal). The three lenses seem to work for everything I need... I always had a problem with the 210 - focal length - it is too common - like to go longer or shorter.

Ralph Barker
20-Jul-2004, 15:05
My suggestion, Ron, would be to sell the 90mm Grandagon and the 150mm Sironar. Then, get a 150mm Super Symmar to keep your 110mm company.

Oh, and that 305mm G-Claron is crap. I'd be willing to take it off your hands for a minimal fee. ;-)

Michael Kadillak
20-Jul-2004, 15:37
You worked hard to accumulate quality optics. Keep them all. What I would recommend is to go to the field only taking one or two less used lenses and force yourself to use them. Many times I find that given multiple options, we migrate to what we feel "comfortable" with not necessarily what would necessarily work making a quality photograph. If after several runs at this iteration you continue to find a hollow feeling with these lenses, then you could part with them. As it is, Murphy's Law will tell you that as soon as you sell one, that will be the beginning of the desire to get it back.


Paul Metcalf
20-Jul-2004, 15:40
that's it?

20-Jul-2004, 17:33
Seller's remorse sucks.

Robert Skeoch
20-Jul-2004, 18:03
Hey Ron, I'd keep them all. Unless it's a money issue. That 150mm might be more useful when you add the 5x7 you're thinking of. -Rob

Ron Bose
20-Jul-2004, 20:26
Ahhh, pulled back from the brink, thanks guys ...

I was thinking of raising cash, for what I now think is the worst reason, a DSLR :-O

Michael, that's a really good idea, I can take the 90mm and 150mm lenses out instead of the 110mm and 210mm. That'll give me a different look to my regular shooting spots.

Frank: Sorry, looks like I'm keeping the 90mm. If I do sell it in the future, you'll be the first to know ...

Ralph: I bought the G-Claron new earlier this year, it was one of the last ever made, so you'll have to try harder to get it out of my hands :-)

William: I've always had a hard time selling stuff and yes, sellers remorse sucks !!

Rob: Good point about 5x7. BTW when are we getting together to shoot with the 450mm ? Drop me an email when you want to go shoot ...

Thanks for everyones' responses ...

Frank Petronio
20-Jul-2004, 20:55
Ron - get the DSLR. It makes a great light meter.

Edward (Halifax,NS)
21-Jul-2004, 06:12
Frank, what is wrong/lacking in the Sinaron 90mm f/6.8 that makes you want to buy the Grandagon 90mm f/4.5?

Ralph Barker
21-Jul-2004, 08:55
Frank is getting pretty old, so the brighter GG image with the f/4.5 is probably attractive. ;-)

Frank Petronio
21-Jul-2004, 13:20
brightness, coverage, and the fact that doing Photoslop perspective corrections feels like cheating...