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Robert Musgjerd
20-Jul-2004, 06:38
looking for a 7x17 korona any ideas other then epay?

Robert McClure
23-Jul-2004, 10:48
I had an interesting conversation recently (1 month ago) with one of Jeff Wheeler's folks at Quality Camera in Atlanta. (You may know that they handle some nice used ULF cameras.) He told me that not only do they have nothing used now in 7x17 or 8x20 but that he was, personally seeing fewer and fewer lately. I realized that I have seen next to nothing advertised in View Camera Magazine (among the used equipment dealers) for around a year. I wonder what has happened or are we simply imagining that something specific has? Robert McClure

Richard Fenner
23-Jul-2004, 11:45
Robert Musgjerd, are you cornering the market in ULF bodies? In the last few weeks, you've asked about 8x20, received 11x14 and now you're after 7x17! Why not go 12x20 and buy reducing backs? A little heavier, and somewhat larger, but cheaper overall.

Robert McClure, I've sometimes gone to the Quality Camera site but leave pretty quickly - they don't separate used and new stock, and all items are listed whether they have them or they're simply available to order - so on the Canham link, you get ALL Canham cameras and have to click on each model to check availability - this goes for all brands and models.

Something I learnt this week - Americans and Canadians say Can-Ham, Britons say Canam (sounds a bit like Canon).

Robert McClure
24-Jul-2004, 14:00
Richard, I agree that the web site can be a little frustrating. I visit QC in person occasionally as I live south of Atlanta - I prefer seeing things in the real. Interesting, I didn't know anyone pronounced the name any way other than Can'am. Thanks for your remarks.

tim atherton
24-Jul-2004, 15:44
well - it's ebay, but buy now....


Ernest Purdum
24-Jul-2004, 20:19
Richard, I say canum. What does that make me?

Richard Fenner
25-Jul-2004, 06:06
Ernest - the exception! It came up when I called a few US stores and they had trouble understanding me. I suppose it makes sense, given the mirth in the UK at hearing foreigners pronounce some words.
Tim, that is probably spot on for Robert, although it does seem expensive. An 8x20 in good condition last week, a 7x17 this week - a good run.