View Full Version : Wide angle lenses for 11x14

Matthew Lea
19-Jul-2004, 22:58
Can someone suggest some wide angle lenses that will cover 11x14?


CP Goerz
20-Jul-2004, 00:04
210mm Angulon, in a copal #3 they sell around the $600 mark.

CP Goerz

Ole Tjugen
20-Jul-2004, 03:46
Just about any old Protar f:18 from 18cm and up. The 14cm is a little to short, but may barely cover.

And then there's the legendary Hypergon, of course...

I think the 165mm Super-Angulon will cover as well.

David A. Goldfarb
20-Jul-2004, 05:36
10" Wide-Field Ektar also covers.

Pete Caluori
20-Jul-2004, 07:30
The 240mm Computar covers and there's one on e-Bay now. I'm not connected with the auction, but I have one of these and it works very well. At f22 it covers 11x14 and still has some room for movement.

Regards, Pete

Michael Kadillak
20-Jul-2004, 08:01
The G Clarons - the 305 and even the 355 seem like wide angles to me. Just make sure that you stop the 305 down to at least 32 or 45. It depends upon ones definition of the word "wide".

Have fun with your 11x14.


george verbryck
20-Jul-2004, 09:32
Both the super angulon 210 and the grandagon 200 cover 11x14 though they are large lenses , however they were made until recently and can be had in newer shutters and the latest coatings. Cheers George

Roger Hein
20-Jul-2004, 14:30
FWIW I had a 183 Protar V and it did not cover 11x14. OTOH the 250WF Ektar I had did but I've heard others say theirs didn't. I would suggest that to be on the safe side what ever lens you decide on you 'try before you buy'.

Francis Abad
20-Jul-2004, 17:37
Will the 210 f10 Process Nikkor cover 11x14 stopped down?

Francesco (www.cicoli.com)

David Vickery
21-Jul-2004, 13:17
Hey Francesco, I don't have the Nikkor that you asked about, but I don't think that it would come anywhere near covering 11x14 at infinity. In fact, I would be willing to bet an 8x10 Azo contact print that it will not. But it may work well enough for some of the closer closeups that you do. I really like your web site. It is clean, and easy to navigate and the images look great on my cheap monitor. Want to make the bet??? I'm found of your "places of worship" prints.

21-Jul-2004, 15:20
The 260mm Nikkor f10 will cover. Blindingly knife sharp to the corners. Only f32 though. Probably the sharpest lens I've ever seen and no center filter needed. Also you just cant beat an older uncoated 12" Dagor f6.8. The more I try other ULF lenses the more the Dagor shines. This has my vote for the best ULF lens ever made.

Jan Van Hove
26-Jul-2004, 07:39
I just got my hands on a Rodenstok Apo-Gerogon 300mm f9, got it mounted on my brand new carboard image circle tester (i'll post the pics in a few days on my ULF site..., let me tell you, 32 cents worth of box, wax paper and tape can do wonder with a 100$ lens and a 500$ tripod... :p) I got an image circle of around 20 inches at infinity, so that gives about 80 degrees of coverage, which would qualify it as a wide angle lens, roughly the equivalent of a 35mm lens in a 35mm camera when used on a 11x14 camera...