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Reinhold Schable
9-Aug-2013, 22:09
It's been a busy week...
The monster in the center is the new 790 f:5.4 discussed here:

On the left is a 335mm f:4.6 and a 500mm f:6.9. On the right is a 250mm f:3.4. on a 6" square Deardorff board. These three are 82mm filter size barrels, and are suitable for 5x7 ~ 8x10 ~ 11x14, and larger. The 250 was discussed here:

Up front is a 285mm f:4.6 to be mounted on a 110mm square Canham/Toyo board. There's also a 135mm f:3.2 going on a Technika board. (Both of these are 72mm filter size barrels). The 285 is a sweet portrait lens on 5x7 as you can see in a thread from last year;

Those of you that have my lenses know that they're a bit more than a hunk of glass slapped into a piece of plastic pipe...

My website needs updating, but c'mon over and take a look...



10-Aug-2013, 01:54
There's a 790 f:5.4 on its way to me in Holland :)
Can't wait to experiment with it. I want to make some very large paper negatives with it for contact printing.

And when my wife is away for a weekend I'll turn our bedroom into a camera obscura ...

Bert from Holland

Andrew O'Neill
26-May-2014, 16:48
Are you still making/selling lenses? I've tried contacting you several times but unsuccessful.

Peter Gomena
26-May-2014, 23:14
A friend of mine just bought a lens from Reinhold, so he's still out there making lenses!

Andrew O'Neill
26-May-2014, 23:39
Well that's good to hear. I just wish he'd respond to my emails.

Andrew O'Neill
5-Jun-2014, 15:46
Called him but only got answer machine...

11-Jun-2014, 17:41
Keep trying Andrew, I have gotten two lenses from him in the past year. I really like the 190mm for 4X5 and got a 335mm for 8X10 last Xmas. I bet if you just mail him a check that will get a response :)

Jim Andrada
11-Jun-2014, 19:00
Hi Andrew

Did you try a PM or e-mail to him?