View Full Version : New here and... Questions about SM 11000

8-Aug-2013, 14:44
Hi there ladies and gentlemens! From the Sunny Spain.

I'm new here and have some questions regarding to my next new scanner!

Will be my first time doing drum scanning and already pick up a SM 11000, the questions for the moment are:

- is the oil mountaing station necessary?
- as far as I know, the latest system where I can work is OS 9.2.2, and I'm after a powermac G4... Wich ones are the suitables? The Doble Mirror and... The Quiksilver?


Tyler Boley
8-Aug-2013, 14:54
I can't imagine trying to use a drum without the mounting station. The cost of my scanner when I bought it wiped me out, and I tried to avoid getting the mounting station. While I'm sure there are those who can work well without one, I found I could not.
Regarding your specific make and model questions, I'd strongly advise asking here-


8-Aug-2013, 15:14
Tanks Tyler! I'm going to have a look