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Thom Bennett
8-Aug-2013, 08:39
I just finished restoring a KMV and, after putting it back together, I have these two washers left over. They are obviously specific to a certain part of the camera because they have the rectangular center hole but, for the life of me, I cannot figure out where they go. I labeled everything as it came off the camera...except these. 99869

I used the parts list http://www.cameramanuals.org/prof_pdf/kmv-partslist.pdf so if you can point me to where these are I would be most appreciative.

8-Aug-2013, 08:43
It looks like the washer from the front tilt/rise assembly.
In your diagram, it is part #116603.

I just disassembled a KMV last month to install new bellows, so I'm going on memory here, as the camera is with a new owner.

karl french
8-Aug-2013, 08:43
Well, it looks like there are washers about that size for the front standard locks, rear standard locks and for the rear swing. Time the check and see which ones are missing.

Thom Bennett
8-Aug-2013, 08:51
Ari, I thought the same thing but because of the rectangular hole they do not fit where part #116603 goes.

Thom Bennett
8-Aug-2013, 10:30
Karl, it is not a standard washer in that the center is rectangular with curved edges.

8-Aug-2013, 10:36
Ari, I thought the same thing but because of the rectangular hole they do not fit where part #116603 goes.

Ok, then I was wrong about where these washers go; you may have to re-disassemble some components to find the square post upon which these washers would rest.

As Karl implies, there are only three places to look. Sorry I can't be of more assistance.

Thom Bennett
8-Aug-2013, 11:32
Yes, I guess I'll have to disassemble and see what I can find. Damn! Actually, the KMV is pretty easy to take apart but now that I've got my new bellows I'm ready to get out and shoot.

8-Aug-2013, 14:11
Where did you get the bellows, and how much did it cost?

Thom Bennett
8-Aug-2013, 14:17
On the recommendation of Michael A. Smith I got them from Custom Bellows in England. ~$350.

Doug Howk
8-Aug-2013, 15:42
On my KMV, they are on the front standard. They are part of the nuts that lock the rise and tilt.

Thom Bennett
9-Aug-2013, 19:38
O.K. Ari, et al, you were correct. They are the washers for the axis tilt knob; Figure 4 part 116603. It takes a little finagling to mount them. Michael A. Smith explained it to me:

"Those parts are the washers that go next to the axis tilt knobs. They go between the knob and the front upright (on the outside of the upright). As you place them on the stub you will see that they only go in one direction (as the holes in the washer are not round), but strangely enough the knobs themselves have round threads. Go figure. But that is the way it works."

Thanks everyone for your help.