View Full Version : 5x7 Velvia availability?

Don Miller
19-Jul-2004, 06:54
Who stocks this in the US? Is it still be made by Fuji? I see Badger lists Provia. What 5x7 chromes are still in production? Thanks.


Jason Greenberg Motamedi
20-Jul-2004, 07:11
Don, I don't know anything about the Fujichromes, but Kodak makes EPR (daylight balanced 64ASA) and EPY (tungsten balanced 64ASA) in 5x7. a number of stores carry these film including Badger and B&H. I have used EPY with an 85B filter for many years, and am very happy with it.

Michael Mutmansky
20-Jul-2004, 07:14

I can't help you find 5x7 film, but I have been told the you can send any film you wish to Photo Warehouse and have the cut it down for you.

This means that you can purchase some boxes of 8x10 film, and have them slit it for 5x7 use, with little waste. I think it's a worthwhile thing to consider if you are not up to cutting it down yourself, and the film you want to use is not available in 5x7 format.


Michael Kadillak
20-Jul-2004, 07:44
A cursory review of a web site will not get you your answer. I recommend calling Jeff at Badger as they once carried it and probably also contacting Fuji (they have a pro service club called pro-net) of which I am a member and I have spoken to them in the past. Here is their number 800 332 3864.

Michael Mutmansky's suggestion of cutting down 8x10 is a great one. I feel that you will be more able to find it in the 8x10 variety, but it may be the new and improved Velvia with the higher ASA.

Let us know what you find.