View Full Version : Polaroid-Systems... useful?

8-Aug-2013, 00:17
hello together,

i´ve seen a lot of –videos- where large-format photographers uses a polaroid to get a first reference point in order to evaluate the composition/exposure and sharpness.

who among you uses such a polaroid back for a first review? does it helps so much?

would be great if somebody can give me some information about the workflow and usefulness.

i uses chamonix f145 with b&w (acros) and color (velvia50).
which polaroid-system should i use for my setup?

best michael

if my english has grave errors please correct me  as i´m from austria.

8-Aug-2013, 01:21
I use a DSLR to evaluate lighting. It doesn't help with camera focus/movements and the specifics of composition obviously, but it does give a decent idea of how the shadows and penumbra look, and whether you have the lighting ratios you think you do.

8-Aug-2013, 04:44
I sometimes use Fujiroids to tackle challenging lighting situations, most often when shooting with studio strobes. Been using the Fuji-color 4x5 instant film and the appropriate back from Fuji. Unfortunately, the supply is rapidly dwindling,

8-Aug-2013, 12:25
I've used it a lot to make sure that the photo I think I'm seeing is the one I'm really seeing. It also helps me avoid a Big Mistake. And it gives me a reference to avoid printing stuff backwards.

Rick "who has made that mistake more times than he'd care to admit" Denney