View Full Version : Very thin black tape for filmholder repairs

tim atherton
18-Jul-2004, 15:54
I'm looking for some very thin tough black tape to repair my Mido 8x10 holders

The normal dark slide tape won't do the job.

First, unlike regular film holders, I'm fairly sure it does need to be light tight.

Secondly it needs to be very thin - the bottom flap hinge that the tape forms is on the top suface of the darkslide, not the end. Thick (i.e. "normal" thickness) tape causes a slight ridge which will probably let in light once it's placed in the clamshell for use. (e.g. normal gaffer/duct tape is too thick)

It needs to be 1/2" wide - I'm thinking maybe some kind of black mylar/metalized tape maybe? I've hunted through all the (few) auto repair/bodywork/ electronics/hardware stores in town - nothing that fits the bill.

Any ideas?

Richard Wasserman
18-Jul-2004, 16:03
Tim, You might try: Mcmastercarr.com I buy from them regularly and they seem to have just about everything anyone might need. They are also the most efficient and helpful company I have ever found.

18-Jul-2004, 16:29

have you tried book-repair tape ( bookbinders tape ) ? they sell it at http://www.gaylord.com and http://www.talasonline.com .. -john

tim atherton
18-Jul-2004, 16:41
thanks john - I've used that before for regualr holders - works just fine for that. This really needs to be thinner (and possibly stickier - it has to stick to very smooth anodised aluminium?)

18-Jul-2004, 17:47
hi again tim ...

you might check out this place: http://www.jcwhitney.com ( 1-800-603-4383 ) when i used to rebuild/restore vw's they had a lot of "stuff" . if they don't have a thin metalic tape, they might be able to point you in the right direction.

i've an idea, not sure if it'll work, but worth a try i guess ... ( if you can't find exactly what you are looking for ) look for a paper that might be thin enough - coat one side with a glue like pva put it into place - and go over it with a black marker to make sure it is light tight ...

good luck!


18-Jul-2004, 20:52
Tim, if you strike out with other suppliers, you may want to try contacting your nearest 3M sales office and ask if they have something that meets your requirements. If they do, ask them for a free sample. 3M in London, ON has supplied me with unusual adhesive product samples (such as 1/16" optically transparent double sided tape that bonds glass and does not yellow under prolonged UV exposure) with a simple telephone request.

As a possible starting point, 3M makes "8898" polyfilm tape which is 0.005" thick and sticks to just about anything smooth, but is light blue in colour. Perhaps they have the same/similar tape series in black?

John Cook
19-Jul-2004, 03:54
3M is probably the best idea if you can purchase only a small amount from them.

I was thinking of the very thin opaque metallic tape we used to use to bind thin glass together to cover 35mm slides and for masking film. Don't know if the silver finish might be a problem.

Here is some on the Light Impressions website: http://www.lightimpressionsdirect.com/servlet/OnlineShopping?DSP=50000&IID=05909&R=2632

It must be available from other photo sources as well.

Keith Pitman
20-Jul-2004, 16:37
3M makes a photographic tape. Its texture and thickness is similar to masking tape, but it seems to be tougher. It is supposed to be, and seems to be photographically opaque. It's available at B&H.

John Kasaian
21-Jul-2004, 23:05

I don't know if this would work, but there is a thin metallic tape used to tape together that plastic bubble stuff thats sandwiched between two sheets of reflective mylar used for sun shields. I've seen it in both gold and silver tone and hardware stores would likely carry it---might be called "solar shield" or something like that. Good luck!

John Kasaian
21-Jul-2004, 23:24
...or go to www.taperite.com and ask Dr. Tape!