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John Sarsgard
18-Jul-2004, 15:03
I rather dumbly thought retouching a negative with Spotone would be a good idea, got too much on it, and now can't find a solvent for the stuff. Anybody know how to get it off? thanks.

Andrew O'Neill
18-Jul-2004, 16:07
Actually John, it's not a dumb idea to retouch a negative with Spotone. It just takes skill and patience. I only retouch a negative to make an area appear lighter in the print. Try soaking the negative in water at room temperature for a while to get the dye out. I don't think solvents will work as Spotone is water soluable. Practice spotting negatives you don't care about. Use a very fine point brush and a strong magnifying glass. Spot lightly, and build up. Dry spotting has been more successful for me.

David A. Goldfarb
18-Jul-2004, 16:14
Yes, just rewash the neg to remove the Spotone. If it's a large neg and you just want to clean up a little area, try a weak solution of ammonia, which is what I recall being the recommendation on the instructions when I last looked at them I don't know how many years ago.

James Venis
19-Jul-2004, 09:13
David is right. I surprised myself by finding my Spotone instructions printed in 1977. The pertinent portion reads as follows:

"Use only plain water for a light tone removal. For lightening dark tone retouching use a solution of 8 drops of ammonia to 4 oz. water. Apply to area with brush and blot up. Add plain water and blot up."

Hope that helps. --Jim

David E. Rose
19-Jul-2004, 18:26
I have used PEC (Photographic Emulsion Cleaner) on prints- it takes the spotone off immediately. It is made for prints and film, so you might try it on your negatives.

John Sarsgard
20-Jul-2004, 19:59
Thanks, one and all. Tried the PEC earlier and it didn't work...but I like it very much for cleaning negs in general. Will give the Ammonia a shot.