View Full Version : Early Goerz Lynkeioskop. Year of manufacture?

5-Aug-2013, 05:13

Would anyone be able to estimate the year of manufacture for Goerz Extra Rapid Lynkeioskop, Serie C no. 4, serial# 3894?
I would have to assume it is close to 1890 (when it was designed) but I have failed to find information about how many of these were
manufactured in early production years.

Thanks for your help,

Steven Tribe
5-Aug-2013, 07:05
Certainly early 1890's. There are no lists of the early Goerz serial numbers. Lynkeioskop was quite a success and the series C was continued until 1914 at least.
The series III already in production by this serial number, unless Goerz reserved batches of serial numbers for particular products.