View Full Version : Lens housing paint flaking issue...

Walter Jakubowski
4-Aug-2013, 06:22
I have a 90mm f/5.6 Fujinon SWD lens. The glass is in excellent shape, however some black paint has come off the rear lens housing underneath
the glass so it is not accessible. The metal exposed is off-white or light gray in color. There is nothing obstructing the glass or light path. How may this effect lens performance? Anyone with experience in this regard?

4-Aug-2013, 07:48
Search here or Google for "Schneideritis".

It's a well-known problem with Schneider lenses that has existed for decades.

- Leigh

Jim Andrada
4-Aug-2013, 13:58
And usually not something to worry about optically. Although I don't think I've heard much about it happening with Fuji. As Leigh says, it's normally associated with Schneider, and IIRC they don't consider it an issue that's serious enough to justify a warranty claim.

4-Aug-2013, 16:25
I've had one or two Fuji with Schneider-itis; of course, they had Fuji-itis.
It has no effect on anything but resale value.