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Tom Smart
17-Jul-2004, 12:37
Is development alterred by having smaller than your normal batch of film in a develpment run? I'm going to run zone tests with my Unicolor drum (planning 300cc of DD-X for my Delta 100 film).

Steve Simmons in his book Using The View Camera suggests using full batches to determine development times. But following his routine would result in using 24 sheets of film just to deterimine EI and N-development (5 sheets exposed for EI + 3 for a complete second batch, then 4 develpment times, each with a full batch of 4 negs). This seems accessive. Can I get a good approximation with one sheet per trial develpment time, then when I think I have it, try again with a full load? Or does the amount of film in the load throw off the testing?

Gem Singer
17-Jul-2004, 14:38
Hi Tom,

I am assuming that the 300cc of DD-X is a working solution made of the standard 1+4 dilution. In other words, 60 cc of stock DD-X plus 240cc of water. If that's what you are referring to when you say 300cc of DD-X, then that's only enough volume of developer to process (approx.) one and a half sheets of 8X10 film, or (approx.) six sheets of 4X5 film.

The number of sheets that you develope in each batch will have no bearing on the development time, as long as you do not exceed the capacity of that 300cc of working strength DD-X developer solution.

Ilford recommends using DD-X as a one-shot developer. However, it can be reused, up to capacity, by increasing the developing time 10% for each additional batch that is run through the same solution (due to the build up of hydrobromic acid and other by-products of the developing process. See: www.ilford.com)

Larry Gebhardt
18-Jul-2004, 14:03
Try multiple films at the same time. This way you can get times down for several films at once and still have the right amount of film in the developer.