View Full Version : Did CP Goerz install dagor cells in betax shutter?

Jon Wilson
17-Jul-2004, 11:43
I have a CP Goerz Dagor 3 1/8" (105mm) f6.8 lens in a betax no. 2 shutter. I have read where CP Goerz made dagor lens with rapax and alphax shutters, did this company also use betax shutters?

Jon Wilson
17-Jul-2004, 11:47
oops! It is 4 1/8" lens with serial #7706xx which I believe is a newer lens. Thanks ahead of time for your response/input!

Nick Morris
18-Jul-2004, 09:05
Hello, I'm assuming it was done at the factory, but don't know. I have a 9 1/2" Dagor in a Betax #3 shutter. It uses a different aperture scale than typical where f16 is the same but the others are different. If I remember correctly, it goes to 128 or 256, but whatever the last reading is, it converts to 64. Anyway, the conversion to the now standard scale is easy enough, so I haven't worried about it too much. Best wishes.