View Full Version : Toyo 45GX - help with extension rails

Jeff Bannow
30-Jul-2013, 19:45
OK, so I must be missing something here. I have a Toyo 45GX that came with 2x 24" rails. One has 2 female ends, the other has one female end and one capped end. I also have 2 screw on caps.

So ..... how do I connect these? Do I need an anatomy lesson here, or am I missing something?

Jeff Bannow
30-Jul-2013, 20:17
Answered my own question! You use the back side of the screw on cap as a screwdriver on the female side of the rail with the attached cap. This revolves a thread inside the rail, causing the attached cap to come off and reveal the male thread.

You then can reverse this process to screw the extension rail in place. Pretty interesting system.