View Full Version : symmar 180/315

15-Jul-2004, 20:21
I finally landed one of these. Now I have a question. It is in an older model serial #10438644 I have not checked the schneider web site yet for info on this model. It is in a Linhof Shutter that has, for some reason two different retainer rings in two different sizes. Why? I do not see how the smaller could be used or what it would be for. The shutter needs over hauling, who could I send it to that would be fast? Has anyone used Tempe Camera in the Phoenix area?

David A. Goldfarb
15-Jul-2004, 21:33
Not quite sure about the two rings, but S. K. Grimes can service the shutter, and the turnaround time is pretty quick. www.skgrimes.com

Kevin Crisp
16-Jul-2004, 10:56
Mark: Your lens is a relatively late production one, and the 180 mm Symmars I have used are really first rate. I am also mystified by two retaining rings, unless somebody gave you two on the back both of the same diameter, or else there is some kind of step up/down ring on the front. If you say the retaining rings are different sizes, then I assume one fits and one doesn't and the second isn't a part of this shutter/lens. I am sure local repair places can handle a CLA on that shutter, I also use and recommend SK Grimes.

16-Jul-2004, 16:30
After close inspection I threw caution to the wind and strong armed the smaller retaining ring off the shutter. Potentially a stupid move but it turned out to be very ineresting. The second ring and mount fell off. It was an adpter for a wider lens board opening. Very well made of some pretty strong aluminium. I personally have never seen one of these and did not know adapters existed. Pretty cool.