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28-Jul-2013, 12:51
Hi - I'm considering the purchase of a Linhof Technika IV 5 x 4 camera. I have been looking at the auction house and other places unfortunately I seem to have a few questions about that model. It seems that most are sold without any lens. I want the camera as a carry around, so I need a 150mm lens and range finder, as I understand it some cameras although they have viewing holes for a range finder they do not seem to have one fitted.

So I have the following questions:

Are there models without a range finder but look as though they have one, If there are, how can a purchaser determine from photographs if there is one or not (by a serial number perhaps)?

If there is no lens I assume that I can get a 150mm lens and lens panel ( I have a compatible panel and a 150mm Symmar) but what about a cam for the range finder? Are they available? do they (the cams) have to be matched to fit the lens?

Are there any other problems I should be aware of?

The finish I am interested is the grey/beige.

Thanks in advance

nn :)

Bob Salomon
28-Jul-2013, 13:46
All Linhof 45 Technikas with a rangefinder have the RF on the right side of the camera (from behind). No 45 Technika has a built-in viewfinder. That is always an accessory. The current model works for all lenses from 75 to 360mm.
Any Technika IV or later with a rangefinder can easily have a cam cut for the lens. For a IV both the camera and the lens needs to be sent to the service center to have the lens cammed. A V or Master can be cammed by only sending the lens in for camming but then the user will have to install the infinity stops and the focusing scale.
If you send the camera in with the lens then the service center will install the infinity stops and the focusing scale when they cut the cam.
If you want the 150mm to close in the camera then you will also need the 001015 Comfort recessed Linhof board.

30-Jul-2013, 03:15
Thank you for the information, have found one and hope to collect it this weekend.

nn :)