View Full Version : Using a tent to load holders, looking for advice.

Robert Skeoch
15-Jul-2004, 19:59
I'm considering getting a tent for changing and loading 8x10 film holders in the field. Anyone have any advice or recommendations.

I'd like to say that price is no object.... but I'd be lying. Let me know what you've learned.


Ralph Barker
15-Jul-2004, 20:59
I use the large Harrison pup-tent (36"x27"x14") for 8x10, and it's fairly convenient. Just don't forget to vacuum the inside surfaces on a frequent basis.

15-Jul-2004, 21:35
I too have a Harrison changing tent and find the money was well spent. It is by far the best I have used. Get the 8x10 size and you will be able to change multiple holders with ease. Easy to set up and break down don't hurt its usefullness. Good luck.

Chris Partti
15-Jul-2004, 22:11
I consider my Harrison tent (not the pup--one size up) essential for 8x10.

Andrew O'Neill
15-Jul-2004, 22:31
Hi Rob, here is a link that'll take you to a film changing tent that I made myself. I've used it in the field and it works very well. Only cost a few of my Canadian Loonies to make it, eh!


Max Wendt
16-Jul-2004, 06:55
I had a pup tent for a few hours - I couldn't load/unload more than one holder at a time, and it was tricky at that. The next size up is a dream, plus it still folds down small enough to fit in my pack when I need it to.

William Blunt
16-Jul-2004, 07:14
I would recommend getting the Jumbo Harrison tent. I've used one for the past few years for 8x10 and smaller. No problems. William Blunt

Guy Tal
16-Jul-2004, 08:18
For what it's worth - I wanted to save some $$ and opted for the Photoflex changing room. It works well enough but in hindsight I would have been much happier with the Harrison.
The Photoflex is not ergonomically designed. The arm sleeves are placed half way up each side which is too high and forces you to hold your arms at a very unnatural position when reaching for the film/holders at the bottom, resulting in muscle fatigue after a few seconds of loading/unloading.

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David L.
16-Jul-2004, 09:54
For several years now I've been using the Harrison Pup Tent to load 8x10 in the field. I've had no problems. I usually change 3 holders at a time. Learning how to make the Pup work with 8x10 was definitely a little tricky at first, but after about half an hour practice I got the movements down. I decided on the Pup because I really needed to keep down the size of my pack. If size is no concern, go with the Jumbo. Whatever you do, get a Harrison!

tim atherton
16-Jul-2004, 10:07
I find the mid range/standard harrison (listed for 8x10) to be just fine. There isn't a lot of extra room in there, but loading 6-8 holders in it is no problem at all.

I tried the Shadow Box first (cheap off ebay) - it was great, a bit more roomy (actually, more height as well as floor area), but it's made of a heavy cotton and is quite a bit heavier. My two year old though it was great - a tent just his size....

I'm not sure I could see the point of the jumbo harrison unless you were loading dozens of holders and the extra weight and space were no issue (which with dozens of holders I guess would be the case). And I used the 4x5/pup size in the past just for 4x5 - I'd find it too small for 8x10.

Andrew O'Neill
16-Jul-2004, 10:23
My wife would have had a bird if I spent more on a film changing tent than on our camping tent. That is why I built mine.

Jan Nieuwenhuysen
16-Jul-2004, 10:25
I second the opinion of Guy about the Photoflex being not ergonomically designed. I had no choice back then here in Holland, so it was an easy pick! I am working with it for over three years now. Apart from the ergonomics: it's a good product. It's cheap, light tight and has never given any problem whatsoever. (I put it to good use.) My muscles have grown used to it by now. If you're on a tight budget... it gets the job done.