View Full Version : Jobo Rapid Film Washer - What Kind of Outlet Does It Fit On ?

Ken Lee
15-Jul-2004, 18:51
I purchased a Jobo "Cascade" film washer, whose hose is designed to fit over your water tap outlet. It's designed to turn a 3000 series Jobo tank into a "rapid film washer".


The problem is, I can't find any outlets in my home, on which it fits.Could it be designed for some kind of European or Metric standard size, which would render is useless where I am, in the US ? I'm not a plumber, so perhaps I ought to take it to a local hardware store, and see if I can find an adaptor...Has anyone been able to use this thing ?

Pete Caluori
15-Jul-2004, 18:59
Hi Ken,

I found a long stem (~3/4" long) to replace the short stem on a washroom sink faucet at Home Depot and it fits the Jobo washer just fine. The key as I recall, was to find something that extended down far enough from the faucet so this thing would attach.

Regards, Pete

Graham Patterson
15-Jul-2004, 19:55
UK faucets ('taps') don't have the aerators / flow limiters common in California. My Paterson version wouldn't fit easily either. Fortunately my utility sink faucet has an external thread and I was able to find an adapter that allowed me to fit a 3/4" garden hose snap-fit connector. That gives me the long spigot for the film washer, and the mating part is used to connect my Versalab print washer.

15-Jul-2004, 20:09
If it's like the one given to me then it's just a rubber fitting that slips over the faucet. If you're faucet isn't too small I can't see how it can't fit. Have you tried the garden faucet? It's not exactly a high tech fitting.

Steve J Murray
16-Jul-2004, 10:20
The Cascade washer has inner and outer threads that can be matched to different adaptors. I went to my local hardware store with the Cascade in hand and they helped me find an adaptor that fit both the Cascade and my basement sink faucet. Good luck!

Brian C. Miller
17-Jul-2004, 00:43
I had to replace my bathroom sink faucet with a bar-style which has a flow limiter. After I bought my Jobo washer, I went to Home Depot and looked around until I found a universal-type quick-disconnect adapter. It attaches to the faucet with a very short rubber hose, and is secued by a hose clamp. The threads used for the flow limiters on the faucets don't have any adapters that I can find.

Jim Landecker
18-Jul-2004, 05:22
I'm not sure the Cascade washer will work so well with the Expert drums, as it's designed to push water down the center column of tanks with reels (i.e. 2500 and 1500 tanks). The water then moves from bottom to top and exits the tank. With the Expert drums, I don't know if the water will circulate to the bottom of the chambers that well to remove the fix-heavy water. I'm considering making an octopus-like arrangement (for a 3010 a "pentapus"?) where, from a central inlet, tubes hang down inside the chambers and push water from bottom to top. This would of course be with the lid off, and you'd need to be careful not to scratch the emulsion when inserting the thing.