View Full Version : Fellow Speed & Crown Graphic users, what do you carry?

27-Jul-2013, 19:43
Just curious to know what the Speed Graphic users out there carry with them. Here is my list.

Camera: Speed Graphic 4x5
Lens 1: Graflex Optar 135mm
Lens 2: Eastman Aero-Ektar (again, only when I know I will want to use it)
Lens 3: None, yet
Flash: Heiland 3 cell with Press 25 bulbs or Bantam 8's
Film: 2x Grafmatics with HP5 or Foma 400, & 3 standard holders with either Ektar 100 or Portra 400
Tripod: None usually, but a Manfrotto with a 410 geared head when I need it.
Accessories: Series VI adapter with a yellow, green, red, sky 1A, 85B, 80C filters and a Tiffen hood.

In the future: I'd like to add a 101mm and a longer 210mm-ish lens, and maybe swap out the 135mm for a 127mm. Still looking for a Series VI IR filter, no luck so far.

Larry H-L
28-Jul-2013, 05:46
Crown kit: 90mm Optar, 127 Ysarex, 135 Xenar, 152 Ektar, 203 Optar.

Holders - 6 or 8, meter, orange and green filters, Gitzo, cable release.

28-Jul-2013, 05:55
Just a basic kit of Crown (top rangefinder) , 135 Optar, some darkslides, 6x7 back, series 6 filter holder/hood (I can use 39mm filters in this), Manfrotto 055, cable release, loupe and a light meter. I use my jacket as a focus hood if needed.


Otto Seaman
28-Jul-2013, 06:03
The least amount possible... film holders, a loupe, meter or digital camera, tripod in the car or over shoulder... and that's all. I keep a short cable release and lenshade on the folded up lens.

Vick Ko
28-Jul-2013, 07:16
'Graflex Crown Graphic, 135mm f/4.7 Optar, Polaroid back and light meter. Shooting with the rangefinder for now, and it is a blast.

John Kasaian
28-Jul-2013, 07:30
Besides the 5x7 Speeder: a thick black t-shirt(doubles as both a dark cloth and a lens cleaning cloth,) Agfa 9x loupe and vintage Tilt all tripod---"just in case", 203 Ektar, cable release, Kodak series filter adapted and some Wrattans, a light meter, a small note book & a half dozen film holders, and an old Jansport Equinox I bought at the sports shop in Yosemite Village. The speeder is mainly hand held---if I need a tripod & movements, I'll use the 8x10 'dorff.

28-Jul-2013, 08:03
Crown kit (or Super Graphic):

90mm f6.8 Angulon
135mm f5.6 Caltar S-II (symmar) or 150mm f4.5 CZJ Tessar T(coated).
6 or 8 DDS (film holders)

used hand-held HP5+
or with small Slik tripod Delta 100/Fomapan 100 or 200


Otto Seaman
28-Jul-2013, 08:29

28-Jul-2013, 08:45
I use a Crown or a Super, depending on the situation.
135 Optar, Xenar, Symmar, or f3.5 CZ Jenna, to suit the subject.
90mm 6.8 Angulon or f8 Nikkor.
150 and/or 210 Fujinon.
65 Super Angulon.
Any but the 90 Nikkor fit with the camera closed.
The 135 Xenar, 90 Angulon, and 150 Fuji use the same tiny 40.5 mm filters, so they are first pick when traveling light.
All fits in a shoulder bag
A few Grafmatics.
Bogen tripod.

28-Jul-2013, 10:48
Crown with standard 135mm Ektar
Focusing Loupe
Zoom Spot meter
Surveyors tripod adapted for a Reis 2 axis top
Sandwich cooler with holders
Focus dark cloth.

28-Jul-2013, 18:42
Crown kit: 90mm Optar, 127 Ysarex, 135 Xenar, 152 Ektar, 203 Optar.

Holders - 6 or 8, meter, orange and green filters, Gitzo, cable release.

How do you like the 90 and 203 Optar? its on my list of lenses to get.

28-Jul-2013, 19:31
203 optar is nice; small and makes pleasing images. Sharp with a smooth background. I've got one that doesn't get much use because it needs a CLA.

I have two speed graphic kits I use (lens ordered by apt to be used) and choose one based on lenses needed
Pre-anniversay usually with 190 reinhold wollaston meniscus, 210 trioplan, 8.75" verito, 210 Fujinar, 90/4.5 nikkor sw
Pacemaker (mostly) usually with 135 optar and yellow filter, sometimes 203 optar, sometimes B&L 5x7 Planatograph. Broken focal plane shutter, graflex back for instant film if needed.

Accessories I usually have with the speed:
leitz tiltall tripod
Sekonic L208 meter
6-8 film holders in anti-static bags
remove my shirt for dark cloth.
home depot wide mouth tool bag for everything but the tripod
domke padded lens wraps for transporting extra lenses.


29-Jul-2013, 14:47
Pacemaker Graphic retrofitted with Graflok back, Aero Ektar, 5" Petzval , 135mm Xenar (shutter) and 90mm Angulon (shutter).
Cable release
Sekonic twinmate meter, long loupe, either 6 double fidelitys or 2 grafmatics and a Pola 405 back.
All fits in a Billngham Hadley Pro shoulder bag.
Tiltall tripod over other shoulder in sling bag.

Jim Andrada
29-Jul-2013, 16:42
Super Graphic & Crown Graphic

127mm "standard" lens for Super/135 for Crown that I mostly use for rangefinder shots.

100 Wide Field Ektar

159 Wollensak (well, I really got it for my 8 x 10 & 5 x 7 but it works well on the Graphic and it's small so I carry it)

203 mm Ektar. Nice lens, also small

305mm ReproClaron. which is pretty small

And a 75mm Grandagon and a 250 Fujinon W f/6.3 which are not exactly tiny but deliver really great results.

Actually I mount almost every lens I have in Graphic lens boards and have adapters for my 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 Linhofs and 8 x 10 Seneca and Whole Plate Kodak. As long as the lens is small enough to fit, within the bellows capacity, and doesn't weigh more than the camera, I use them all on the Graphics occasionally. I also have a small iris clamp mounted on a Graphic board and sometimes use my Lancaster landscape meniscus. In fact when I'm traveling I'll often take the lenses out of their lens boards and use the iris clamp. Easier to carry without the boards. I wrap them in old socks for a bit of protection and carry in a bag meant for toiletries.

Larry H-L
29-Jul-2013, 19:47
How do you like the 90 and 203 Optar? its on my list of lenses to get.

90mm doesn't have much room for movement, is OK, would prefer a 90mm f8 SA.

The 203mm is awesome, virtually identical to the Kodak version with a slightly different coating color, very sharp.

1-Aug-2013, 10:25
I carry a super graphic in the large Ape case sold on Amazon. It's a cheap case but suprisingly good.

It contains:

Front pocket: in the three little interior pockets, the 101mm f/5.5 soft focus menicus in Press shutter (Thanks Jim Galli!), 90mm f/6.8 Graphex and 135mm f/4.7 Graphex.
Main Compartment: SUper Graphic, with 210mm or 150mm lens mounted, 75mm f/6.8 Rodenstock Grandagon, 150mm f/5.6 Symmar Convertible (in lens bag), 300mm f/5.6 Fujinon (also in lens bag), between 6 and 8 film holders, two Grafmatics, and a Pentax spotmeter.
Top of the Lid Compartment: cable releases, infinity stops, etc.
Side Mesh Pocket: Vivitar left-side pistol grip handle.
Top front pocket: Flashlight, voice recorder, lens cloth.
Side Zip Pocket: Usually a GE PR-1 reflective light meter.

I don't usually carry a dark cloth with the Super, I can see well enough with the built in shade.

This, combined with a tripod on a camera sling, makes for a 4x5 setup I can actually carry all day.

Anybody want to buy a Toyo monorail? :D