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27-Jul-2013, 12:11
I hope try to buy a 9X18 big film camera.

major must is color flim

who can give me a suggestion?

my application is big printing output

min. is "60X120" 300dpi by 300dpi

scaner ? which model is best for 5000ppi 48bit under US10,000.00
color film "9X18" where can suppy?


27-Jul-2013, 15:02
I don't have much experience in this yet, so I apologize if I'm incorrect, but AFAIK there are some ULF specialty runs, but as far as I've seen only in B&W, for color, I think you need to custom order from Kodak, and probably something more standard like 20x24 and then cut it down yourself to 9x18 anyone? Am I totally off base?

Lachlan 717
27-Jul-2013, 15:45
Is there actually a 9x18 camera (be it cm or inches)?

Carsten Wolff
27-Jul-2013, 19:07
oh, dear....

Dan Fromm
27-Jul-2013, 19:56
Um, Carsten, on the one hand, you're absolutely right. The original question gives the impression of someone reasoning backwards, poorly, from a not-so-clear idea of what's to be accomplished.

On the other, Lachlan, there were aerial cameras that shoot 9" x 18" on 10" roll film. USAF flew some that took 12", 24", 36" and 48" lenses. Finding one will take some doing, using it even more.

9 x 18's diagonal is ~ 500 mm; there are conventional lenses that will cover the format. And there are, as has already been mentioned, sheet film sizes larger that 9 x 18 and cameras that accept them. So if the OP has the money, especially for film, it certainly can do the first part of what it wants to accomplish, viz., make some large negatives.

Oren Grad
27-Jul-2013, 21:39
IIRC Clifford Ross built and used (uses?) a 9x18" camera. I also have a vague recollection of an article years ago in View Camera describing someone working in 9x18" color, using a 200mm Grandagon and aerial film.

Technically, it's entirely doable - with vast quantities of money, skill, patience...

Daniel Stone
27-Jul-2013, 22:03

Here y'are:


and here:

you'll need a scanner capable of handling 20" on the long dimension, that would be a drum scanner, like a Heidelberg, Screen, Howtek 7500(parts might be an issue), or Dainippon jumbo unit.
in fully working order, you're probably going to get a scraggly machine for $10k, honestly...


28-Jul-2013, 00:18
thank all member information

why i need 9X18

because, I need real color photo,
the led display only 30bit 4k this is not real color

you can see
when you come out the airport see all the "advertising light box"

no one photo is best

the major is resolution too low & coloring

this is a jkf airport advertising light box photo


all picture is not a very good!

28-Jul-2013, 00:41
I try go to the output center!
asking the printing engineer!

"why the print out is not good"

he give me an answer

If you need a good print out

first you must give me a high resolution file tiff

if the print out is 60 inch by 120 inch

the film in color 2500 line per inch, scan in 5000dpi 48bit , size 9X18 inch

the file is

5000X9 45K
5000X18 90K

12,150 mbit

=1.5187 G byte

the printing out is 300dpi

60inch X 300dpi =18,000 dot
120inch X 300dpi =36,000 dot

the picture will real high resolution

but how to get this film ?
this print out is really top one ?

28-Jul-2013, 00:43
9x18 inch

28-Jul-2013, 00:47
12", 24", 36" and 48" lenses is good for photo?

28-Jul-2013, 00:59
What size film are you using that you have scanned to give to the printer? I mean the ones you aren't happy with? What size is the film?

It may be that you're getting a bad scan? Because even a 4x5 image should print at 300dpi in that size with no issues.

Heck I have some chrome images I scanned with my epsonv750 (at 3200dpi) that were shot on a panoramic 35mm camera that I'm able to blow up to 10"x30" at 300dpi... (It's actually 6x7 film but the top and bottom of the film are cut so its essentially 35mm frame area but panoramic so 70mm across). You get the idea...