View Full Version : Will 150mm G-Claron fold inside of Speed Graphic

Edward (Halifax,NS)
15-Jul-2004, 10:00
I just bought a beater of a Speed Graphic to use for a hiking camera and I wanted to know if my 150mm G-Claron will fold up inside of it. Also what size lensboard does this camera take? I can figure it out when the camera gets here but I am curious, impatient and bored.


John Kasaian
15-Jul-2004, 11:00

Is it a Pacemaker Speed Graphic or an Anniversary Speed Graphic? 4x5? The Anny 4x5 takes a wood "C" board 4"x4" (try Equinox Photographic)while the Pacemakers take a metal board which you can get from Midwest or Columbus Camera Group. My guess is that your 150 G Claron will fit. I've got a 167mm f4.5(? its been awile) in a Rapax, which is probably a larger package than your G Claron, aboard my Anny. Check out www.graflex.org for Speeder info.Good Luck!

Jim Rice
15-Jul-2004, 11:06
I don't know much about the pre-Pacemaker Speeds, but the one in that photo isn't a Pacemaker.

John Kasaian
15-Jul-2004, 11:58
It looks like an Anny to me. Is it a 4x5?

Tadge Dryja
15-Jul-2004, 14:57
If a 150/9 g-claron won't fit, I can't imagine many lenses that will. My 150 claron is the smallest LF lens I've ever seen. The copal 0 shutter it is in kindof dwarfs it. 150/9 = 16.6, which is pretty tiny.

Great lens though.

15-Jul-2004, 16:06
Edward, I have a 1946 4x5 Anniversary Speed (24 speed rear shutter), judging by your photo, yours is a few years older but the lensboards are the same. When mounted, the face of the lensboard is flush with the face of the front standard and you have 30mm clearance from the lensboard face to the camera bed when folded up. Because of the shape of the bed tracks, the front of your lens cannot be much more than 60mm diameter for the furthest forward 18mm otherwise the track will smack your lens when folded.

The Type-C wooden lensboard is 4" square by 1/4" deep overall with a 3.5" square step 1/8" deep. My Compur shutter has a 45mm diameter mounting hole, but you could probably drill the board to 70mm or so if you needed to. Cheers,

Kevin Crisp
15-Jul-2004, 17:59
My Schneider-S 135mm will fit, it is a larger lens than the tiny G Claron, so I think it extremely likely it will fit. If you're going to be handholding the camera, going to the slower lenses kind of makes things more difficult, of course.

Edward (Halifax,NS)
16-Jul-2004, 05:28
Thanks for the replies. It is a 4X5 and it is good to know that it takes 4X4 lensboards because my lens is already mounted in a 4X4 for my CC400. Also, don't worry about me trying to shoot handheld because I will be using a tripod for everything.