View Full Version : 3x4 pre-anniversary speed graphic lensboard

25-Jul-2013, 17:07

Can anyone tell me the dimensions for a 3x4 pre-anniversary speed graphic lensboard?
I'm considering buying one that is without a lens board.


Dan Fromm
25-Jul-2013, 18:30
According to the bible, 10th edition, 3 1/4" x 3 1/4".

26-Jul-2013, 08:26
Thank you Dan. Are there any dimensions for the lip and/or light trap? 3mm or 4mm? Do you have any pictures?

Dan Fromm
26-Jul-2013, 08:33
The book gives outer dimensions, says nothing about the lip/light trap. No pictures.

Ask on www.graflex.org, I think that Charles Monday will give you a fuller answer.

Vincent Pidone
26-Jul-2013, 12:20
Measure the one that's in the mail to you now.

It fits a bit tight, but it will serve as a standard for your next one.