View Full Version : Fuji/Polaroid back for 4x5

25-Jul-2013, 01:19
First let me apologize if this has been answered elsewhere, but the only related posts were rather outdated. I am just getting into 4x5 large format and wanted to get a Fuji/Polaroid back for test shots. The backs I find are labeled "PA-45" 4x5 film holder". Which Fuji film packs do these use? I see some color labeled FP-100C45 at $40.00 a pack and one labeled FP-100C" for $10.00 a pack. Will the "FP-100C" work in a PA-45 film holder? At $4.00 a shot, the FP-100C45 is a touch to expensive for me just for test.

25-Jul-2013, 01:54
Film packs with the '45' designation at the end can be used only in Fuji PA-45 and Polaroid 550 backs. Film packs without that designation can be used only in Fuji PA-145 and Polaroid 405 backs. They cannot be used interchangeably.