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23-Jul-2013, 21:42
Hello there!

I've just recently begun my wetplate journey and am looking to purchase an 8x10 large format view camera. I looked at some suggestions for cameras on the forum, but unfortunately many of the options are too expensive for me. I'm looking for a decent starter camera between the price range of $200-$1000. Any suggestions as to brand, etc.? What was your first large format camera?

Thanks! -Zoe

David Schaller
24-Jul-2013, 11:46
Hi Zoe, and welcome to the forum. There are lots of used 8x10 cameras. I can't help you with wet plate specifically, but you should be able to get going with an 8x10 camera and lens in your budget range. My first 8x10 was an Agfa/Ansco, which can be had for less than $500, for example. There are many other vintage cameras. Just make sure the bellows are light tight!
Good luck,

24-Jul-2013, 12:04
A B&J Commercial has full front and back movements, and sells for $300-$500.
As David says, make sure the bellows are light-tight; getting a WP holder might take a little more searching, but I've seen a few recently, and the 8x10 size is about $150-$200.