View Full Version : Graflex KE-12 Signal Corps Questions.

23-Jul-2013, 14:02
Hi everyone! I'm new here, so I apologize up front if I don't do this the correct way for the forum!

With that said, I found a Graflex KE-12 Signal Corps U.S. Army model with the original case and accessories. The Army Serial is #120 and the Graflex I forgot to write down.

Camera exterior is in great condition, but I have yet to see the glass and bellows. I'll find the condition out tomorrow.

Mainly, what would a camera like this be worth, what should I pay for it and is it an easy one to repair if I needed anything to get it up and going.

Thanks in advance!


Steven Tribe
23-Jul-2013, 14:27
Visit Graflex.org and ebay sold items listings.