View Full Version : Cokin P-what is widest angle lens you can use?

Ag Jones
13-Jul-2004, 08:41

Thanks to all the great articles and advice here I am going to take the LF plunge with a 4x5. I am still in the planning stages and had some questions . The charts here have been a great help but I am still confused about how much movement one needs for landscapes. Alot of posts here will say none of the wide angles have a big enough image circle to do much movement, others say all you really need for landscapes is a couple degrees of tilt. So I am a little confused about how much movement you need in the real world and therefore if my current P system would cause vignetting. How much movement does one really need to shoot landscapes?

I like to do alot of near-far shots and more often than not in the portrait view. I use the Cokin P system with Singh-Ray filters (Grads and the SR sprocket polarizer). I know I could jump upto the 100mm wide Lee kit, I would like to be able to stay with the P mount and these filters if possible (why spend more than you have to)

Landscapers-what is the widest lens you can use with the Cokin P system and still have enough movements?

I am thinking of starting with a Nikon 90/8 with 67mm filters (and probably a Shen-Hao camera). I am also thinking that down the road I will want a 75 and /or a 65mm lens (Figured I would need the bag bellows too). Based just on specs I was thinking of the Rodenstock 75/6.8 and 65/4.5 since they both take 58mm filters. The thought is the 58mm filter size will allow plenty of movement with the P mount, where some of the 67mm filter sized lenses in the 65-75 range would have vignetting issues with the P system.

Does anyone have experience with the Cokin P mount and wide angle lenses? At what focal length will a lens with a 67mm filter start to vignette? At what length will a lens with a 58mm filter do the same?

Thanks for any help!

13-Jul-2004, 10:39
on 35mm system, you can use the P system on a 17mm lens which has a 77mm filter thread.

so it will be fine for pretty much any wide angle LF lens out there.

Darin Cozine
13-Jul-2004, 10:53
I use a cokin P system with a 90mm super angulon. The filter holder is quite large, and doesnt cause any viginetting without movements. The holder also rotates, so you can position the sides along the narrow side of the film.

I think with a 65mm or a 75mm lens you may need to cut off one or two of the filter slots. The adapter rings are very thin.

Darin Cozine
13-Jul-2004, 11:05
oh, btw with the holder turned the right way I have lots of room for movement in that direction, and still about 2cm shift in the other direction. (using my 90mm)

Ag Jones
13-Jul-2004, 11:23
I know that with my 35mm gear I can use my 21mm lens (49mm filter threads) no problem with the Cokin P. On the other hand with Mamiya 645, while the P system works with the 45mm lens (67 filter) it does vignette with the 35mm lens (77mm filter). Or at least it does with the Singh-Ray sprocket polariser.

I was not sure how large format lenses would work. Especially those 65mm and 75mm lenses with the wider filter threads. Also not sure if movements would be impacted.

Bill McMannis
13-Jul-2004, 13:36
I have had good luck using my Cokin P holder with my Fujinon 75mm f8. This lens has such a small image circle (161mm), there are no movements available when shooting 4x5.

When I am shooting with my Schneider 90mm f8, I have plenty of room for movements. To avoid vignetting, I need to be careful to keep the alignment of the holder perfectly vertical or horizontal.

I like the system and use it on my 35mm kit as well as my 4x5.


Paul Metcalf
13-Jul-2004, 15:37
72mm Super Angulon XL in a Lee holder (attaches to outside of front lens element) and homemade cardboard holder that converts from P size to Lee filter size (110mm if I recall). Most movements with this lens are rise (minimal) so no vignetting (to date).

Harley Goldman
13-Jul-2004, 16:49
I use the Cokin P with the Schneider 80mm SS XL with no problems, although I cut off the outer grooves and just use the closest one for a ND filter.

Scott Bacon
14-Jul-2004, 07:09
I use the Cokin P with my Rodenstock 75/6.8 (58mm filter size). I've not had problems with vignetting. But I shoot mostly landscape and generally don't use a lot of movement - small tilts and rise/fall.

tim atherton
14-Jul-2004, 12:08
I've used a Cokin P holder on the following lenses on 4x5 : Schneider SA 75mm f8, Nikkor SW 90mm f8; Schneider 150mm 5.6 Fuji 210mm 5.6 and in 8x10: 250mm Fuji 6.7 - I don't think I've ever run across it vignetting. The 4x5 stuff was doing a lot of architectural work, so plenty of movements.

I think it might depend as much on the filter size/front element size of the lens as much as to how wide angle it is. (eg - the 75mm SA has a 49mm filter size, so the P holder parts sit way out beyond that - whereas my 165mm SA obviously has a fitler size much bigger than the Cokin P - so you can't even mount it (keep meaning to see if the bigger Cokin system will work on it). i.e. If you had a WA lens with a 72 (77?) mm filter size or something, where the P holder would only just fit, then you might get vignetting?