View Full Version : korona

Robert Musgjerd
12-Jul-2004, 15:43
thinking of going for an 8x20 korona. what is the going rate for one these days?

Jorge Gasteazoro
12-Jul-2004, 16:51
If you are talking about the one on E bay, with the holder and nicely refurbished, I would pay about $1500 max. Although the camera seems to be in very good shape, the Koronas are inherently "loose" by their design, so even if it has been refinished if it has not have mayor alterations to make it more stable it is still not worth much more than $1200 or $1300 dollars.

Of course my opinion does not matter, it is the value that the guy selling it thinks is appropriate what matters, but as I said, I would not pay more than $1500 with the holder in the shape that it is.