View Full Version : 14inch process Dagor

Robert Cockrell
12-Jul-2004, 09:19
I have a 14 inch f7.7 process Dagor and can find no information about it. Is it the same as an other 7.7 Dagor lenses or there differences. This is a early serial number313745.

Best Regards Robert Cockrell

12-Jul-2004, 15:38
I have used both regular Dagors and Process Dagors, including a Process Dagor of vintage close to the one you reference, if serial numbers can be trusted to provide this information. If there are any differences at all between the regular and process Dagors they are very small and were not apparent in my work since both types provided similar coverage and pereformance.

My pesonal opinion is that the use of the term Process Dagor was a marketing strategy. But that is just an opinion since the only information I have on the subject are the empirical comparisons made with the two types of Dagors.