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Ted Harris
11-Jul-2004, 18:33
I was just cruising Robert White's website and since the question come up all the time I thought I'd post this link to the simplest, most concise discussion of quickloads/readyloads/polaroid films and holders that I have ever seen (due respects to Paul Butzi who also has an excellent expalanation). Anyway to pass on and for future reference:


Karl Amo
11-Jul-2004, 19:30
Two years ago, I purchased my first 4x5 camera. I then purchased the new version of the Kodak Readyload holder, thinking that I would be able to use both Kodak Readyloads and Fuji Quickloads in it. The Fuji Quickloads worked in the Kodak holder in testing at home, but I obtained mostly blank (non-exposed) film from using the Quickloads in the Kodak holder in the field. I diagnosed the cause to be the failure of the metal clip at the end of the Fuji Quickloads to catch in the Kodak holder.

I now use Kodak Readyloads in the Kodak holder, and Fuji Quickloads the Fuji holder.

Jean-Louis Llech
12-Jul-2004, 01:53
It's a bright idea to post this link to Robert White's website, as it's probably the best explanation about holders and films compatibility.
There is no exact URL to access to this table, which is just after this one. (http://www.robertwhite.co.uk/Large%20accessories.htm#Labelsheet)
People use with stubbornness Kodak films on Quickload holders, Fuji films on Readyload holders, and sometimes both on Polaroid 545 !
Then they post on LF forums something like "I don't understand, but my films have flatness problems, or are partially non-exposed !"
The size of each sheet-film support is slightly different, as is the retaining clip, and Polaroid holders don't have a pressure plate.
The thickness of every film type is also different.
Of course the price of a holder, Polaroid, Fuji or Kodak is expensive. But, using the wrong film with a holder may also damage the holder.

If you take into account the price of sheet films for Polaroid, Readyloads or Quickloads, you quickly understand that using the right sheet-film in the right holder is a matter of saving money.
And I don't mention the photographies which will be lost.

QT Luong
13-Jul-2004, 20:53
Thanks for pointing that out. I have reproduced this material (with Robert's permission of course) at
http://www.largeformatphotography.info/holders.html (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/holders.html)
where it was an overdue update.