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gary bridges
10-Jul-2004, 21:30
Does Tmax 100 come in sheet film size?

10-Jul-2004, 21:35
Yes, it is available in 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10.

Armin Seeholzer
11-Jul-2004, 03:26
And it comes also in readyloads even in little Switzerland but I would like also to have the Tmax 400 and TRX in readyloads and then I would only work with yellow boxes in B/W. But Kodak is not interested in selling more films!

Brian Ellis
11-Jul-2004, 16:54
"But Kodak is not interested in selling more films!"

I imagine Kodak would like to sell more films but the market for large format films is tiny and the sub-market for Readyloads within that tiny market is really really tiny. The biggest volume in large format film sales used to come from commercial studios (with digital replacing film in many studios I don't know the extent to which this is still true). Studios don't have a need to buy Readyloads, especially at double the cost. Kodak probably has figured out that routing other films over to Readyload form and having to make new packaging wouldn't be worth the trouble and cost involved, paricularly when some buyers of say T Max 400 in Readyload form wouldn't represent new customers but rather would just be existing customers switching from T Max 100 in Readyloads.

I think we should praise Kodak for selling anything in Readyloads rather than suggesting that there's something wrong with Kodak for not putting more films in it.

Bruce Watson
12-Jul-2004, 07:50
I rarely disagree with Mr. Ellis. He's more insightful and a calmer head than I. But...

I do praise Kodak for bring out any films in readyloads. I am, however, perplexed that they don't bring out their best selling films (that is, Tri-X, their best selling B&W film) in readyloads. Even if it doesn't sell more Tri-X, it surely increases Kodak's revenue, with little to no cost on their end.

It's not like they have to do any R&D to accomplish this. They already have the readyload packets. They already have the packaging machinery. The only thing they don't have is Tri-X labels. How much cost can be envolved in applying the existing Tri-X logos to a longer box anyway?

I'm willing to pay the extra $1.40 per sheet cost for Tri-X for this packaging. A lot of people are, especially those in dusty climates, and those working on location. Collectively, we want to give more money to Kodak. We are just perplexed that Kodak won't take it.