View Full Version : large format clubs in Tn

Robert Musgjerd
10-Jul-2004, 13:19
Are there any lf clubs or groups in Tn I live outside of Nashville

Jim Rice
10-Jul-2004, 15:57
I would be interested in a deep south lf gathering. Jackson, Mississippi, here.

Shilesh Jani
10-Jul-2004, 16:23
I live in Memphis, and make occasional forays into Eastern Tennessee - Smokies.

10-Jul-2004, 18:40
There is a WesternCarolinaViewCameraGroup which has started recently, and looks like it may have staying power. Members from Ga, Tenn, etc. contact http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WCVCG/

11-Jul-2004, 13:21
I would also be interested in a deep south lf group. I'm in Montgomery, Alabama.