View Full Version : Crown Graphic - Opening ?

Pat Bunn
9-Jul-2004, 15:58
I just picked up a clean Crown Graphic on Ebay. I can't seem to figure out how to open the front of the camera. It may be jammed and I am afraid to force it.

tim atherton
9-Jul-2004, 16:18
I think the crown is similar to several of the other graphics - feel along the top edge of the camera above where the front folds up - feel/look for a small bump under the leatherette. That is the button for the release catch. Just press it.

george verbryck
9-Jul-2004, 16:19
You press down in the middle of the top of the camera, a little bump, presto it drops open. For more info see graflex.org. Cheers George

9-Jul-2004, 16:20
Check out: "www.graflex.org" for much more info on these cameras. Cheers,

Jim Rice
9-Jul-2004, 17:18
As you face it, on the left side near the top, there should be a bump. Mash it.

9-Jul-2004, 18:15
The release button is "hidden" under the leather covering, you should feel just a little "bump" where the button is located. The 4x5 is centered on the top, just behind the front. The 3x4 model is near the top on the right side (opposite side from the rangefinder) near the front. Push HARD and deep. Yes you would definitely break something if you forced the front door open.

Jim Ewins
9-Jul-2004, 22:29
On my 4x5 Speed Graphic, the release button is on the side, left as you would look toward your subject. My 2x3 Crown is on the top. They are great cameras. Jim

Pat Bunn
10-Jul-2004, 07:18
Thanks everyone for all the help. One gentle push on the little bump and it all opened up. Even my teenage sons couldn't figure it out - so I don't feel to stupid. I am sure ther will be more questions to follow.

Thanks again.

Conrad Hoffman
11-Jul-2004, 21:48
And please remember to draw in the focusing rails before you fold it up. I just got finished machining new aluminum rails for a friends camera because someone folded it up without doing so. It actually broke the old parts beyond repair or reversal.