View Full Version : Help to find a new lab in the Long Beach area (california)

george verbryck
9-Jul-2004, 13:01
I live in Long Beach and until very recently I was taking my stuff down to Terry's camera to get printed, I am shooting mostly 6x12 transparency right now for my color work. I have been informed the lab they sent out to will no longer print these for me, I am looking for a lab close by to develope a new relatioship with as of now I am still interested in the wet process C and ilfochrome or what ever fuji calls thiers. I have called around only to find that many labs have become defunct and or no longer will print this stuff. If any one out there knows where I might be able to find this service your help will be greatly appreciated. Cheers George

Bob Salomon
9-Jul-2004, 14:15
Pro Photo Connection or Samy's should be able to help you. Pro Photo Connection specializes in panoramics up to several yards long.

domenico Foschi
10-Jul-2004, 00:30
A&I in hollywood is another place where they might be able to help you .

Eric Jones
10-Jul-2004, 23:43
For Ilfochrome work you may want to check out Weldon Color Lab.



george verbryck
11-Jul-2004, 02:20
Thanks for the help ,I was hoping to find something closer but at least it will still be possible. Cheers George