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kent behrens
9-Jul-2004, 09:53
Looking for pictoral (not Graphic Arts film) giant film, B & W, 11 x 14 and up. Prefer 14 x 17 or 16 x 20. For use on old Screen copy camera. ISO 400 or less, actually prefer 125 or even slower, would consider something like Tech Pan or other copy film that can be used pictorially. Apparently Ilford is cutting back on availability in this country, not sure I want to wait 8 weeks for something from Europe. Don't know about Kodak or others. Can someone out there help/advise on who carries this, brands, anything etc?

Annie M.
9-Jul-2004, 10:01

Have the sizes you are looking for in various ISO.

John Kasaian
9-Jul-2004, 10:20
J and C seems to specialize in emulsions from eastern europe---excellent stuff! Photowarehouse cuts down rolls of FP-4 for ULF and Cirkuts and will 'custom cut' so you might check them as well.

Joe Smigiel
9-Jul-2004, 15:06
Where did you hear about Ilford cutting back availability? I just ordered some 11x14 HP5+ from Badger Graphics two days ago and it arrived yesterday. I'd also try The View Camera Store since they always seem to have Ilford film in ULF sizes in stock. Bostick-and Sullivan also sell Bergger films in ULF. Give one of these dealers a call.

Pete Watkins
11-Jul-2004, 07:55
I wish that we could get Ilford HP5 in 11 x 14 format in the U.K. where it's made. Pete